Jewish Settler Attacks Palestinian Hikers, Kills One

A Jewish settler Friday morning rammed his vehicle into a group of Palestinian hikers near the village of Ein al-Beida, east of Tubas city, killing one and injuring two others, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Mu‘taz Besharat, who monitors Israeli colonial settlement activities in Tubas district, told WAFA that a Jewish settler rammed his car into a group of Palestinians who were hiking on a trail between Ein al-Beida and Bardala villages in the northern Jordan Valley, killing one hiker and injuring two others.

The slain Palestinian was identified as 52-year-old Bilal Bawatneh from al-Bireh city, and the injuries as residents of al-Bireh and Jerusalem cities.

Some hikers told WAFA that they were shocked to see the speeding vehicle veering off its course, and hitting the three hikers.

The Palestinian Red Crescent sources confirmed that their medics arrived at the scene and received Bawatneh’s body as Israeli medics evacuated the injuries to a hospital in the Israeli city of Afula.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle