Israeli Warplanes Bomb Gaza Targets

For the ninth day straight, Israeli occupation forces carried out repeated night-time strikes on sites throughout the besieged Gaza Strip, spreading fear and panic among the population. Israel has also closed the Karam Abu Salem crossing with Gaza and completely closed the Strip’s fishing zone due to the alleged breach of the security truce.

August 19, 10:30 am (GMT +3) 

Gaza’s sole electricity plant is still not working, due to the lack of fuel, Palestine Chronicle correspondent Wafaa Aludaini reported.

Gaza’s population of two million people are currently receiving approximately four hours of electricity per day.

Gaza homes, businesses, and hospitals are relying on generators to make up for the power cuts, increasing the financial pressures on the poverty-stricken region.

The Israeli navy fired at Palestinian fishermen off the Gaza shores, Palestine Chronicle Gaza correspondent Wafaa Aludaini reported.

On Sunday, Israeli occupation forces completely closed the Gaza Strip’s fishing zone.

Israeli aircraft bombed two sites in the Gaza Strip Tuesday night, causing heavy damage to Palestinian property but no injuries, according to Palestine Chronicle correspondent Wafaa Aludaini.

The airstrikes spread fear and panic among the civilian population, especially women and children.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle