Israeli navy seizes Gaza-bound aid ship

GAZA, Israeli navy forces Saturday seized a Gaza-bound aid ship while in international sea water and steered it to the Israeli seaport of Asdod, according to the ship organizers.

They said they lost contact with the ship early on Saturday while it was about 40 nautical miles off the Gaza shore.

The Israeli navy said it intercepted the Swedish ship while it was on its way to Gaza and steered it to Asdod without incident.

Twelve international activists from five different nations were on board trying to bring badly needed medical supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Palestinian and international activists have organized several aid flotillas to Gaza with a goal to break the 12-year long Israeli blockade, the latest made an attempt on Sunday but was also intercepted and steered to Asdod.

Gazans have also attempted to organize out-bound ships carrying wounded people to get medical treatment that was not available in Gaza but without success as they were also intercepted by the Israeli navy that is keeping 24-hour a day watch on the Gaza shores.

Israel allows Gaza fishermen access to only three nautical miles of water for fishing as a punishment for Gazan resistance of the Israeli blockade, which is not enough to catch any fish.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency