Israeli MP Invokes the Supremacy of ‘Jewish Race’

The ‘Jewish race’ is the smartest in the world and possesses the highest human capital, so Israelis ought to be skeptical about the current corruption probes into Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, a Likud party lawmaker has claimed.

I can tell you something very basic, MK Miki Zohar said, during a debate on Radio 103FM on Wednesday, as cited by the Times of Israel:

Citing opinion polls showing widespread support for Netanyahu, Zohar said that statistics clearly show that the Jewish race is too smart to be fooled by extensive media coverage of the multiple corruption probes.

The somewhat clumsy attempt to defend the Israeli PM immediately landed the ruling party member in hot water.

The loud statement about Jewish supremacy struck a nerve with Ahmad Tibi, an Arab-Muslim Israeli politician, and leader of the Arab Movement for Change party, who, on Twitter, accused his Israeli counterpart of devising his own racial theory.

In an attempt to quell criticism and clarify what exactly he meant to say, Zohar gave an interview to Hadashot TV � but only made his case worse, denying that he’d mentioned the supremacy of the Jewish race until he was furnished with a recording of his statement.

Source: Palestine Chronicle