Israeli Military Court Jails Munther Amira, Amnesty ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ for 6 Months

An Israeli military court has jailed a Palestinian activist and Amnesty ‘prisoner of conscience’ for six months, sparking widespread condemnation.

On Monday, Ofer Military Court sentenced Munther Amira, head of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee in the occupied West Bank, to six months in jail plus a suspended sentence of five years and a fine.

According to reports, Israeli prosecutors levelled a dozen charges against Amira, including throwing stones, organizing and participating in unpermitted marches, and throwing an incendiary device towards soldiers [a reference to a tear gas canister].

Amira was convicted on four counts relating to his participation in demonstrations, including organizing demonstrations without the authorization of the Israeli military commander in the West Bank.

Amira was arrested by Israeli occupation forces on December 27, 2017, while peacefully participating in a protest in Bethlehem, calling for the release of activists Ahed and Nariman Tamimi.

Source: Palestine Chronicle