Israeli Kindergarten Raid Terrifies Palestinian Children

Heavilyarmed Israeli policemen on Monday broke into Palestinian Baida’a AthThalj kindergarten in the city of Tayibe, and searched students’ bags, spreading fear among the children, reported Arab 48.

The Israeli raid comes a few days after breaking into another school in occupied Acre and taking a 9yearold girl for interrogation.

The Israelis searched the bags of all children despite teachers’ attempts to prevent them. The police claimed that it was looking for weapons inside the students’ bags.

Rabab Oweidah, a teacher in the kindergarten, told Arab 48 that she was very concerned about the children, who seemed very scared and shocked.

They would never do that to their children, Oweidah added. However, they treat us as if we were criminals. This is how they think. I’ve never seen such a thing in my whole life.

According to a 2016 study commissioned by the United Nations, at least 2,500 Palestinian students from 35 West Bank communities must cross through Israeli military checkpoints to reach their schools every day. About half of them have reported army harassment and violence for merely attempting to get to their classes or back home.

Source: Palestine Chronicle