Israeli forces storm Jenin city and its camp, shell one home amid violent confrontations and destruction of infrastructure – injuries reported

JENIN: Four Palestinians were injured tonight by the occupation forces’ bullets during a military raid into the city of Jenin and its refugee camp, according to local sources.

Sources reported that the occupation forces stormed the city of Jenin and its camp, amid intense overflights of Apache helicopters and drones, confirming that the military incursion was proceeded by a raid of a special army force that cordoned off two houses belonging to residents in the Jenin refugee camp in preparation for imminent destruction.

According to sources, forces sent military reinforcements and a large number of military vehicles, accompanied by a bulldozer, to the area, which led to violent confrontations.

Four Palestinians were injured, including one critically, by the occupation bullets during the confrontations. Sources reported that forces prevented ambulances from reaching the injured.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) confirmed that forces prevented its crews from reaching the vicinity of the Jenin camp,
denying their access to the injured.

Israeli forces also sabotaged the streets’ infrastructure in the Jenin camp during the military raid.

The occupation bulldozer further destroyed the streets’ infrastructure and tore down vegetable stalls near the al-Hamama roundabout in the city of Jenin.

In a later development, the occupation forces bombed, with at least one missile, a house in the al-Samran neighborhood in the camp belonging to local resident Mohammed Abu Jaber.

Forces also cordoned off another house belonging to the Dhabaya family in the camp, in preparation for imminent destruction.

The occupation forces further unleashed their dogs toward the homes of residents in the camp and deployed their snipers on the rooftops of homes in the city and its camp.

Source: Palestine news and Information Agency – WAFA