Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Man, Injure His Wife near Ramallah

A Palestinian man was killed and his wife injured today after they were shot by Israeli army gunfire near the village of Beir Nabala, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Osama Mansour, 42, from the village of Biddu, near Beir Nabala, was shot in the head with a live bullet and died upon arrival at a hospital in Ramallah, while his wife, who was also shot in the back, was reported in stable condition.

The Israeli army admitted in a statement that it opened fire at a car at a flying checkpoint set up in Beir Nabala.

Mansour’s wife said that the soldiers opened fire at their car after they were told at a checkpoint to proceed on the road.

“We were returning home when we saw two army jeeps. They told us and other cars who were there to stop and turn off the car. We stopped and turned off the car as they said,” Mansour’s wife told Palestine TV.

“Then he (the soldier) looked at us and said go on. So we turned on the car and left when they started to shoot at us with live bullets. My husband fell in my lap. He asked me if I was hit and then was quiet. He was dead,” she added.

Eyewitnesses said that around 3:30 a.m., Israeli soldiers threw a stun grenade under Mansour’s car after it stopped at the checkpoint, which led the driver to speed away before the soldiers opened fire at the car killing the man and injuring his wife.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle