Israeli Forces Injure Two Palestinians in Beita

Two Palestinians were injured with rubber-coated rounds today as Israeli occupation forces attacked them in the village of Beita, in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Musa Hamayel, a member of Beita Municipality, told WAFA that Israeli occupation soldiers attacked staff of the municipality who were trying to reopen a road previously shut down by the Israeli army, injuring two of them with rubber-coated rounds.

Hamayel said the occupation army once again bulldozed the road and shut it down with earth mounds.

The road leads to the Jabal Sabih mount, where residents of Beita and the surrounding villages have been holding daily rallies to protest the construction of a new illegal settlement called Givat Eviatar.

Israeli occupation forces have used fatal violence to disperse the rallies, killing five Palestinians from the town and injuring over 618 others in almost a month.

In addition to Mount Sabih, Israeli forces erected another settlement outpost atop Mount Al-Arma, north of Beita, a few months ago, as both mounts enjoy a strategic location as they overlook the Jordan Valley, a fertile strip of land running west along the Jordan River which makes up approximately 30% of the West Bank.

Source: Palestine Chronicle