Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Workers near Apartheid Wall

Israeli forces today injured two Palestinian workers near Israel’s apartheid wall, in the West Bank village of Anin, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Security sources told WAFA that Israeli forces opened fire towards a 32-year-old Palestinian worker near a gate as he was attempting to cross the wall to reach his workplace inside Israel, injuring him in the foot.

The soldiers also chased after a 56-year-old worker near the section of the apartheid wall, causing him to fall and sustain bruises and fractures. The worker was identified as a resident of Jalameh village, northeast of Jenin.

Both workers were handcuffed and detained.

Hundreds of Palestinians work in Israel without a permit and often police chase them and detain them.

A large number of Palestinians, especially construction workers, pass the checkpoint every day, facing extreme overcrowding and often waiting for hours in line due to inspection procedures as every person must pass through metal turnstiles one at a time.

Israeli severely restricts Palestinians’ freedom of movement through a complex combination of approximately 100 fixed checkpoints, flying checkpoints, settler-only roads, and various other physical obstructions.

Source: Palestine Chronicle