Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Worker near Tulkarm

A Palestinian worker was injured today after he was shot by Israeli soldiers near the Israeli apartheid barrier, in the Far’un village near the town of Tulkarm, in the occupied West Bank.

Staff from the Thabet Thabet Hospital in Tulkarm told WAFA that Suhair Ebeit, 35, was shot in the foot by Israeli occupation soldiers as he was heading to his work inside Israel. His condition was described as stable.

Attacks by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian workers and farmers are almost a daily occurrence under the Israeli military regime in the occupied West Bank.

“Class conflict within Palestine, as well as within the larger Arab region, is rarely considered a pressing issue in the misleadingly termed ‘Arab-Israeli conflict’,” Palestinian journalist and editor of The Palestine Chronicle wrote in a recent article.

“Little focus is placed on Palestinian working classes, whether in Palestine or the Middle East, even though this is required to develop a coherent analysis of the Palestinian struggle, one that is able to link its historical roots to its present manifestations,” Baroud added.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle