Israeli forces crush protesters demanding water rights

JORDAN VALLEY, Israeli soldiers attacked with force on Monday Palestinian civilians who were protesting Israel’s destruction of water holes and pipes that were supplying their villages in the northern Jordan Valley with badly needed water, according to participants in the protest.

Walid Assaf, head of the Wall and Settlements Resistance Authority, said a protest attended by residents of area village and supporters marched from the village of Bardala toward the main road demanding their right to have clean drinking water.

The soldiers attacked the march with force, shooting tear gas at them. One person was hit by a canister prompting transferring him to a nearby clinic, according to medical sources.

Protesters raised banners saying We want our water stolen by Israel, in reference to Israel’s control over water resources in the West Bank, mainly the Jordan Valley, which has one of the biggest underground water aquifer in the West Bank.

This is our land and our water, said Assaf. It is our right.

He said Israel uses all methods to steal the water and to kick the Palestinian residents from their land in order to expand the illegal settlements, which get all the Palestinian water while the indigenous population gets nothing.

Israeli forces destroyed several water pipes and holes in the northern Jordan Valley area in the last two months leaving the villages without adequate water supply.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency