Israeli Forces Assault Palestinian at Allenby Crossing

A 28-year-old Palestinian has been hospitalized over the weekend after Israeli forces assaulted him while traveling through the Allenby bridge crossing, which separates Jordan from the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian was identified as Ameer Abu Laban, who won an award for his contribution to the dissemination of the Arabic language. He was traveling through the Allenby crossing to return from Jordan.

Upon his arrival to the Israeli part of the crossing, Abu Laban had informed one of the Israeli soldiers that he cannot pass through the metal detector due to undergoing a reconstructive foot surgery, which consisted of placing platinum in his feet and requires him to hold a walking stick to sustain balance.

However, five Israeli soldiers unexpectedly assaulted Abu Laban and repeatedly beat him at the crossing, while two others pointed their weapons toward him, without providing a reason.

Abu Laban said that the Israeli soldiers beat him on his head and chest, causing him difficulty to breathe.

Despite Abu Laban requesting an ambulance, as he was not able to move on his own, it did not arrive until 40 minutes after the assault.

Medical sources confirmed that Abu Laban suffered several injuries and bruising due to the assault and is currently receiving necessary medical treatment at the Hadassah Medical Center in the central West Bank district of Jerusalem.

Israeli border authorities have not yet commented on the incident.

Source: Palestine Chronicle