Israeli attacks on journalists are getting more violent

November 2 marked the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, as proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2013 by virtue Resolution 68/163.

The resolution aims to confront the culture of impunity for perpetrators of crimes and attacks against journalists and to empower victims of journalists with justice.

However, according to the Palestinian Center For Development & Media Freedom (MADA), this is far from the case in Palestine.

In a press release, MADA expressed concerns with attacks against journalists and media freedoms having escalated in a fast pace while also becoming more violent and dangerous.

As so, MADA Center documented 474 attacks against media freedoms in Palestine since the beginning of the year.

Of the 474 attacks, Israeli Occupation Forces committed a total of 372 attacks, around 78 per cent of all documented attacks.

Within the last ten months, MADA Center has singled out the killing of two Palestinian journalists Yasser Murtaja and Ahmed Abu Hussein as the most serious and dangerous.

The two journalists were killed during the coverage of the peaceful Great March of Return in Gaza in two separate incidents.

Wearing a protective vest marked PRESS, Yasser Murtaja was shot by Israeli forces while documenting Palestinians burning tyres close to the border fence on April 6.

Suddenly, he shouts, ‘I’m injured, I’m injured, my stomach,’ photographer and colleague Rushdi Serraj said.

According to Murtaja’s family, he was hit by a bullet to an exposed side of his torso not covered by the front or back part of his vest.

Seven days later, on April 13, Ahmed Abu Hussein became the second journalist to be fatally shot during weeks of demonstrations at the border.

Abu Hussein, who was shot in the abdomen died two weeks later from his injuries.

Like Murtaja, Abu Hussein was wearing a protective vest marked PRESS as well as a helmet marked TV when he was shot.

According to MADA Center, hundreds of other attacks against journalists in Palestine have been carried out over the past few years.

A total of 43 Palestinian journalists have been killed by the Israeli occupation forces since the year 2000.

Statistics from Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) show a total of 71 media personnel have been killed worldwide in the first ten months of 2018.

The statistic also reveals that not less than 1,953 journalists or media workers have been killed between 1992 and 2018.

Source: Palestine Monitor