Israel Wants to Push PA to Accept ‘Deal of the Century’

The Palestinian Authority (PA) said yesterday that Israel’s storming of Ramallah is an attempt to coerce it into accepting the Deal of the Century.

PA spokesman Yousef Al-Mahmoud said that no power on the face of the earth can push the Palestinian people and their leadership to kneel down, Safa news agency reported.

He also pointed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s warnings that it could ignite wars.

The spokesman also blamed Israel for regional deterioration, pointing to its continuous aggression, invasions, and hunting of Palestinian people, and the fact that it unleashes the hands of the terrorist settlers to practice their terror under its official protection.

The Israeli army has been invading the central West Bank city of Ramallah � the headquarters of the PA, the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Fatah’s leadership. Israeli forces have carried out operations close to the residence of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, in the light of a complete absence of the PA security services or the president’s guards.

Source: Palestine Chronicle