Israel still Imposes Harsh Restrictions on Relatives of Prisoners from Gaza

Israeli occupation authorities are maintaining harsh restrictions for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who wish to visit relatives in Israeli jails, reported B’Tselem.

Out of more than 5,000 Palestinian prisoners, 303 are from the Gaza Strip, including some arrested before Israel’s removal of settlers in 2005.

In 2012, after a five-year complete ban on family visits to prisoners from Gaza, Israeli authorities have been allowing visits but subject to draconian limitations, described B’Tselem.

Parents, spouses, and children � under 16 � of prisoners are allowed to visit, once every two months. Siblings, meanwhile, are permitted to visit only if their parents are deceased or gravely ill and if the prisoner is unmarried, and even then, visits are allowed only once every six months.

In addition to limiting the number of visitors and the frequency of visits, B’Tselem noted, since July 2017 Israel has also banned all visits to 1,329 Hamas-affiliated, most of whom are from the West Bank and some from Gaza.

Source: Palestine Chronicle