Israel has issue orders to stop Palestinian house constructions

Israeli authorities served stop-construction orders on November 4 to four houses owned by Palestinians and newly renovated in the town of al-Khader, a district of Bethlehem.

At the same time, Israel ordered the construction of a Palestinian resident’s house to the north of Hebron in the town of Beit Ummar to cease.

Maan News source states the orders were delivered due to houses being built without an Israeli permit.

Inhabitants were ordered to evacuate the area before 5 p.m. Sunday otherwise they would be put in jail.

In the full Israeli military control of Area C, where the houses are located, Israeli authorities refuse almost every new construction permits, forcing Palestinian to build without it.

On Saturday, Israeli soldiers forced residents out of the four houses and used explosives to blow the doors off according toIMEMC.

Coordinator of the Anti-Settlement Committee in the town, Ahmad Salah, told WAFA a large military unit accompanied by staff from the Israeli Civil Administration assaulted the area to inform owners to halt constructions.

The houses of Ali Ibrahim Salah, Sarhan Mustafa Salah, Habas Khalil Salah, and Musa Ahmed Salah were all returned according to PNN.

Tha’er al-‘Alami, a resident in Beit Ummar in the north of Hebron, received a paper ordering him to stop the construction on his 150-square-meter house.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the Occupied Palestinian Territories published areport for the month of July stating that 54 Palestinian structures were demolished or seized by Israel.

Up to 97 Palestinian civilians were displaced in the same month, the highest number since January 2017.

Source: Palestine Monitor