Israel Falsifies Palestinian Curriculum in Jerusalem Schools

Palestinian Education Minister Sabri Sidem accused Israel, Thursday, of falsifying the Palestinian curriculum in schools in occupied Jerusalem.

Sidem said in a news conference held at the ministry’s headquarters in Ramallah that.

He pointed out that the distortion affected all the curricula issued by the Palestinian Curriculum Development Centre.

He added that Israel removed paragraphs and replaced them with others which support the Israeli case, in an attempt to obliterate the Palestinian version.

During the conference, the minister announced the launch of the national campaign against the policies of the occupation against Palestinian education in the Holy City, in order to address the serious falsification of the Palestinian curricula content and the act of reprinting them with distorted contents and imposing them on the schools of Jerusalem.

Israel, which has occupied the city of East Jerusalem since 1967, seeks to impose the Israeli curriculum on Palestinian schools, in a move that the Palestinian Authority rejects.

Source: Palestine Chronicle