Israel Demolishes Two Palestinian Homes in Hebron

Israeli occupation forces yesterday demolished two Palestinian homes and confiscated solar panels in Al-Halawa neighborhood in the south of West Bank city of Hebron (Al-Khalil), Quds Press reported.

The Coordinator of the Anti-Settlement and Wall Committee Ratib Al-Jabour told the news site that the Israeli occupation’s bulldozers demolished two small homes in the neighborhood.

He added that occupation forces confiscated solar panels used to supply the two homes with electricity.

The homes, Al-Jabour said, belong to Palestinians Khalil Younis Arram and his cousin Ahmad Ismail Arram. Both were demolished under claims of having been built without the impossible to obtain building permits.

The area the homes are located in is surrounded by settlements and has come under increased settler attacks, with occupation forces also confiscating any new equipment which is donated to residents including mobile homes funded by the EU.

Prior to the demolition, occupation forces closed the roads leading to the area.

Source: Palestine Chronicle