Israel Demolishes House of Palestinian Family with Eight Children in Jerusalem

A Palestinian woman and her eight children became homeless today when the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem demolished their house in the Silwan neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian news agency WAFA.

Khalid Abu Tayeh, a member of the Silwan Land Defense Committee, told WAFA that a bulldozer of the Israeli municipality demolished the house built six years ago and owned by Aisha Hijazi, who provides for eight children.

Tayeh added the family received a notice of demolition six months ago but was not able to hire a lawyer to stop the order due to its poor economic situation.

Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem say they are forced to build without permits because the Israeli municipality rarely issues permits to the city’s original Palestinian citizens as a way to reduce their number by forcing them to leave it and find accommodation and work elsewhere.

Over 1,900 Palestinian homes have been completely demolished in Jerusalem by Israeli forces since 1967, according to Palestinian figures.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle