Islamic Relief-Palestine Implements Training

Within the project of Supporting Solid Waste Collection Services in the Gaza strip; Islamic Relief implemented a training plan on Sunday 18th of Aug, 2019, lasted for four days. The training included Solid waste management issues and targeted a number of the Gaza and North municipalities’ employees and supervisors as well as neighborhoods committees’ leaders.

Eng. Abdallah Nabhan; project officer- Islamic Relief said: The training aims at acquainting participants the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with the solid wastes as well as making neighborhoods’ leaders and those of concern aware of the importance of the solid waste management and how important to keep the environment clean and safe.

The training also included a field trip to closely recognize the methods of wastes collection and transfer. It is worth to mention that the training was conducted in coordination with the Joint Services Council for Solid Waste Management in the Gaza and North Governorates.

Source: Islamic Relief Palestine