Invitations out to members of Central Council for mid-August meeting

RAMALLAH, President of the Palestinian National Council (PNC) Salim Zanoun said Tuesday that invitations were sent out to all members of the Central Council to attend the session scheduled for mid-August in Ramallah.

He told Voice of Palestine Radio that invitations were also sent out to 10 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council affiliated with Hamas movement and that he was waiting for their response.

Hamas has previously boycotted the latest PNC meeting held in Ramallah in April and may also boycott the upcoming Central Council meeting.

Zanoun said that if the Hamas members, who are in Gaza, agree to attend the session a special arrangement will be made to include them through a video conference if they are unable to come to Ramallah.

He also said efforts will be made to bring 17 members who live abroad to Ramallah for the meeting.

Zanoun explained that the opening session will be held at one o’clock on Wednesday, August 15, with an opening speech by him, followed by a speech for the head of the Arab Follow-Up Committee, Mohammed Baraka, and then an important and comprehensive speech by President Mahmoud Abbas.

He said the afternoon and following sessions will be confined to the members of the Central Council only.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency