Hundreds perform Friday prayers in Khan al-Ahmar

JERUSALEM, Hundreds of Palestinians performed Friday prayers in the village of Khan al-Ahmar, to the east of Jerusalem, to express their solidarity with the village which is facing an imminent threat of demolition by Israeli authorities.

Following the prayers, the worshipers marched towards the main Jerusalem-Jericho road, which passes near the village, to express their rejection of the Israeli move. The protesters waved the flag of Palestine and chanted slogans condemning Israel’s plan to demolish the village.

Yesterday, Israeli forces attacked Palestinian and international activists who were on a vigil at Khan al-Ahmar to prevent its anticipated demolition and displacement of its 180 Palestinian residents, most of them children.

An army unit raided the area where the activists were gathering, attacked them and the residents and detained three international activists � a Canadian woman, an American and a British citizen

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency