Hospitals suspend freeze on accepting insurance, start dialogue with insurers

RAMALLAH, The Federation of Private Hospitals and insurance companies reached an agreement on Monday in which hospitals would resume accepting insurance of patients and to start dialogue to resolve their outstanding differences.

Nitham Najib, the head of the Doctors Association, said that it was agreed to hold constructive dialogue between the association and representatives of the private hospitals, on the one hand, and the insurance companies, on the other, in order to keep the public out from any dispute.

Najib told Voice of Palestine radio on Tuesday that the dialogue was aimed at reaching a comprehensive and clear agreement for the benefit of the public, stressing that the private hospitals did not stop for a moment providing health service to patients, but there was a change in some procedures for accepting insurance card.

The Federation of Hospitals announced about a week ago that will not accept insurance cards issued by local insurance companies forcing patients to pay for the service themselves and get an invoice for later collection from the insurance company, which created a great dismay to the public.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency