Hollywood Star: I was ‘Fed Huge Amount of Lies’ about Israel

Hollywood’s Seth Rogen on Monday said he was fed a “huge amount” of lies about Israel, as Palestinians were left out of the narrative.

In the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, Rogen, who is Jewish himself, sat down with Marc Maron to promote his new film An American Pickle and discuss their shared Jewish heritage. The talk turned to the subject of Israel and the Jewish diaspora.

To which Maron agreed, chiming in: “Ours for the taking.”

Maron asked Rogen: “Could you imagine living in Israel? Would you ever go live in Israel?” to which Rogen answered no.

Seth Rogen rose to fame for his role in the film Knocked Up. He has gone on to write, direct, star in, and produce award-winning films.

Rogen’s film An American Pickle, which follows the story of Jewish immigrant and struggling laborer Herschel Greenbaum who falls into a vat of pickles in 1920 then wakes up 100 years later in modern-day New York, having been perfectly preserved by the pickle brine, is released on August 6.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle