Greenblatt: Any Peace Plan Must Meet Israel’s Security Needs

US Special Representative for International Negotiations, Jason Greenblatt said that Israel’s security concerns as of extreme importance to the US and:

According to Israel Hayom, the senior US official said that the Palestinian movement Hamas

He said the administration of US President Donald Trump was

The view of Trump’s administration about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is different, he said, because it recognizes the history of the conflict and it does not rely on worn ideas about what should be, rather focuses of what can be.

Israeli Hayom said Greenblatt had been drafting Trump’s deal of the century. However, there has been no date set for it to be announced, but the administration has said it will be announced when it is completed.

Last week, a senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official and close associate of President Mahmoud Abbas told Israel Hayom that he demanded Greenblatt be replaced as peace mediator because of his bias in favor of Israel.

Source: Palestine Chronicle