Government says building 20,000 new settlement units in Jerusalem a declaration of war

RAMALLAH, The Palestinian government strongly condemned on Thursday an Israeli plan to build 20,000 new settlement units in occupied East Jerusalem, describing it as a declaration of war on the holy city.

Government spokesman Yousef al-Mahmoud said in a statement that the plan is a new aggression against the city occupied in 1967 and a step against peace, security and stability in the area.

The settlement plan is a declaration of war on the existence of the city and its Arab and Islamic characteristics and an attempt to bury these distinguished features, he said.

Mahmoud warned that the settlement plan is going to lead the region and the world into more conflict and violence, holding Israel and the United States responsible for any deterioration as a result of Israel’s settlement activities.

President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday in his opening speech at the Palestinian Central Council that the Palestinians will defeat the new settlement plan.

Today, the Israeli occupation municipality approved the construction of 20,000 settlement units in Jerusalem, he said. We will not allow it and will not stop our struggle nor will we stay quiet until we stop this criminal act by the Israeli government.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency