Germany to Pass Resolution Condemning BDS Movement as ‘Anti-Semitic’

The German Bundestag (parliament) is set to pass a resolution, on Friday, condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) as anti-Semitic and urges the government not to fund groups or activities that question Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself.

The text of the resolution stated that,

It added, The arguments and methods of the BDS movement are anti-Semitic and reminiscent of Germany’s Nazi past.

This non-binding resolution is sponsored jointly by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian-Democratic Union and the Social Democrats, which is one of three motions on the BDS movement that will be considered in the German parliament, on Friday.

German lawmakers will also vote on two other resolutions against BDS, proposed by two opposition parties, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) and the Die Linke.

The Die Linke text is the softest of the three, urging Germany to condemn anti-Semitism within the BDS movement, however, it does have a chance of passing.

The upcoming vote has caused public discourse in Germany, with many critics claiming that the proposed resolution is draconian, due to its suppressing pro-Palestinian groups’ freedom of expression.

As a response to the resolution, a 50-member group, made up of Jewish academics from Germany and from Israel, have published a petition opposing it.

Source: Palestine Chronicle