Gaza War Amputees Form First Football Squad

Palestinian youth in the besieged Gaza Strip set up the first football squad of people with disabilities.

The squad has been founded by Foa’d Abu Ghalyoun, a member of the Palestinian Paralympic Committee, inspired by a football match between amputees from England and Turkey, according to Aljazeera.

Managing Director of the Palestine Amputee Football Association Mahmoud Al-Naouq said,

The initiative was applauded by many, including support from social media activists.

According to Ghalyoun, the start of the project (was faced with) difficulties, some of which are related to what is possible; others to the human resources available. But at the end we are thankful to have taken the first step in this journey, he added.

Within just five months, 16 youth joined the team. However, the coach, Khalid al-Mabhouh, said that the squad still lacks strong crutches which are suitable for this kind of sport.

Source: Palestine Chronicle