Gaza: Hospitals on Verge of Collapse Due to Lack of Fuel

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip warned on Sunday that basic services in six main hospitals in the territory are on the verge of collapse due to a severe lack of fuel needed to operate emergency electricity generators, has reported.

Mohamed Abu Selmiyeh, the director of Al-Rantisi Hospital for Children, explained:

Abu Selmiyeh noted that the generators could stop working at any time, hitting those in need of regular dialysis, for example, as well as premature babies in incubators and patients in intensive care units. Many lives are at risk due to the fuel shortage.

The ministry appealed for everyone to help Gaza’s hospitals to get through this crisis caused by the electricity shortages arising from the siege. Generators intended to act as emergency back-ups for minor power cuts are now in use for hours at a time.

The hospitals in the besieged enclave need at least 450,000 liters of industrial fuel every month to keep them going.

Source: Palestine Chronicle