French Protesters: Israel’s Real Brand Is Colonization, Occupation, Apartheid

French activists in Paris protested on Saturday in front of an Israeli pavilion at VivaTech, a major international fair for start-ups.

Protesters from BDS France, a group that supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign for Palestinian rights, chanted boycott apartheid Israel and stop the massacres in Gaza.

A video published on their website showed the participants being pressured to clear from the scene, but they took the ground instead and continued their chants:

In a statement, the BDS France commented:

The statement added,

Despite the popular outrage at the deadly attacks and calls for recalling France’s ambassador’s to Tel Aviv, the government’s response was mere expressions of disapproval of the Israeli violence.

In an online poll run by the French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche, around two-thirds of the 33,500 people surveyed approved that France should recall its ambassador from Tel Aviv.

Source: Palestine Chronicle