French Jewish Settlers March through Hebron, Claiming All West Bank Belongs to Israel

French Jewish settlers marched through Hebron (Al-Khalil), in the occupied West Bank yesterday waving Israeli flags and claiming that the entire region belongs to Israel.

Pro-settler news outlet Arutz Sheva reported that more than 1,200 French Jews participated in the march, saying:

There’s only one flag from the Jordan to the sea the flag of Israel.

Palestinian sources in the city, meanwhile, described how French-Israeli settlers stormed Shuhada Street and the surrounding areas in occupied Hebronfor an annual march claiming that God has promised them all the land in Hebron either side of the Ibrahimi Mosque.

The sources added that,

Israeli occupation soldiers and settlers harassed local Palestinians and international activists, filming them and telling them to ‘go home’ whilst the soldiers tried (and failed) to break down the doors of a Palestinian owned building to occupy the roof.

On social media, Yishai Fleisher, the so-called international spokesperson for Israeli settlers in Hebron, boasted about the event, declaring that the marchers were celebratingthe rights of Jews to live in Judea � the ancestral homeland.

Source: Palestine Chronicle