Former Israeli Diplomat Confirms Saudi Official Visited Israel

Former Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Dore Gold has said that Israeli mutual relations with many Arab countries, mainly Saudi Arabia and the UAE, are being developed, citing a secret visit of Saudi official Anwar Eshki to Israel, reported on Friday.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Institute for the Study of State and General Affairs, an Israeli organization, Gold revealed a series of meetings with the Saudi official, noting that the latter asked him to make the meetings overt.

Israel’s relations with the UAE are a different story, he said.

Gold added: Most of the world countries send their ambassadors there and there was an agreement to have our own ambassador, noting this is one of the ways that Israel is penetrating the Arab countries.

These remarks came in the wake of the recognition by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Jewish right to live in peace in the land of Palestine.

Source: Palestine Chronicle