Former Israel MK Declares Lebanon Blast as ‘Gift from God’

Former Israeli Member of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin gleefully hailed yesterday’s devastating explosion in Beirut as a “gift” from God in time for the Jewish festival Tu B’Av.

Feiglin posted on Facebook that he thanked God that the deadly blast took place in Beirut, and claimed it was just in time for Tu B’Av, which is a festival of love, and in modern times has become a romantic Jewish holiday for dancing, handing out flowers and singing.

He went on to speculate that the explosion was no accident, claiming he had “experience” in explosives.

He continued: “We are all allowed to rejoice that it exploded in the port of Beirut and not in Tel Aviv.”

A large explosion struck the port of Beirut Tuesday afternoon, in the heart of the Lebanese capital. The blast wave from the explosion overturned vehicles, shattered windows and damaged buildings several kilometers away.

The blast was initially attributed to a shipment of fireworks, but it was later revealed to be 2,750 tonnes of highly explosive ammonium nitrate sitting in a warehouse which ignited, causing the huge explosion.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle