Foreign Minister Malki briefs Swiss delegation on the latest developments

RAMALLAH: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Riyad al-Maliki, has briefed a Swiss delegation on the latest political developments during a meeting at the ministry’s headquarters in Ramallah.

Al-Maliki emphasized the catastrophic and unbearable conditions that the Palestinian people have been subjected to as the brutal Israeli aggression in Gaza enters 123rd day in a row. He highlighted that the ongoing genocidal war has affected the lives of several civilians, the majority being children and women, along with thousands of wounded and sick individuals.

Al-Maliki addressed the widespread massive destruction in Gaza Strip due to the ongoing Israeli shelling. He also pointed out to the horrific situations the Palestinians in the enclave are enduring in light of the severe shortage of water, food, and medicine, and the policy of forced displacement.

The Minister said that this systematic violence committed by occupation authorities is not only occurred in the Gaza Strip but also in the occupied West B
ank and East Jerusalem, which have recently witnessed an escalation in occupation soldiers and colonist’s attacks against the Palestinian people.

Al-Maliki stressed that Netanyahu is deliberately prolonging the war on the Gaza Strip to achieve political interests and prolong his stay in power at the expense of “Palestinian blood.”

Minister Al-Maliki urgently called for imposing deterrent international sanctions on colonist and militias and including them on terrorism lists. He also stressed that there is a collective responsibility that falls on the international community, and that the double standards in dealing with the Palestinian issue and selectivity in applying international laws provide cover for the continuation of the Israeli occupation’s massacres in the Gaza Strip.

The Minister called for intensifying international efforts to end the escalation and limit its disastrous effects, stressing that a just and comprehensive peace is the only way to ending the occupation and embodying the Palestinian s
tate with East Jerusalem as its capital in accordance with the principle of the two-state solution and the resolutions of international legitimacy.

Al-Maliki also called for the importance of supporting the State of Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations to restore security and stability in the region, stressing the need to holding an international peace conference as soon as possible.

In response, Ms. Danzi and Ms. Tesavi stressed the need to respect and comply with international law, and discussed ways to reshape the political horizon leading to a political solution based on the two-state solution.

The meeting was attended by Assistant Minister for Multilateral Relations, Ambassador Ammar Hegazy, Director of the Western Europe Department, Senior Advisor Ihab Al-Tari, Third Secretary Naglaa Abu Shalbak from the Media Unit, and Third Secretary Zeina Al-Masry from the Minister’s Office.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA