Fight, family feud in southern West Bank claim life of one person, several houses set on fire

HEBRON, One person was killed on Wednesday night during a fight in Beit Ummar in the south of the West Bank and a family feud in Arroub refugee camp, a little north of Beit Ummar, resulted in six homes set on fire but without any one seriously hurt, according to police spokesman Loai Irzeikat.

He said that Baha Kamal Bahr, 36, was killed after he was stabbed in the neck during a fight in Beit Ummar between a group of men but without giving a reason for the fight.

Some reports said Bahr was trying to break up the fight when he was stabbed in the neck.

Police said they arrested five people involved in the fight and have opened an investigation into the fatal stabbing. They also intensified their presence in the town in anticipation of revenge attacks by the family of the deceased.

In Arroub camp, a family feud resulted in setting six homes on fire, said Irzeikat.

The arson started following the death of Raed Yehya Jawabreh, 45, who was injured in a family fight nine months ago and has been undergoing treatment at hospital since then.

Irzeikat said the family of the deceased attacked homes of the alleged family responsible for the killing setting six homes on fire, explaining that the civil defense crews were able to rescue four people who were trapped in one of the burnt homes.

He said some people were also hurt when caught between the feuding families who threw stones at each other. The security forces are trying to contain the situation, said Irzeikat, despite the fact that the area is under Israeli military rule.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency