Fatah Seeks Full Disengagement with Israel

Secretary of Fatah’s Central Council Jibreel Al-Rajoub said on yesterday that his movement has a strategic decision to disengage with Israel, stressing this is the time to implement the PLO’s National Council and Fatah’s Central Committee, Al-Wattan Voice reported.

He stressed that his movement’s vision keeps up with those of the Popular and Democratic Fronts for the Liberation of Palestine.

The senior Fatah official also said that his movement is to propose a partnership with the Palestinian factions based on ending the occupation, establishing a Palestinian state, reiterating the popular resistance, having one weapon and one law through elections.

Al-Rajoub called for Hamas to stop its incitement campaign against Fatah and PLO President Mahmoud Abbas, stressing:

He claimed that there are no punitive measures imposed by Abbas on Gaza.

He charged:

What is promoted by Hamas is defective.

Regarding relations with the US, Al-Rajoub said Fatah is heading towards cutting ties with it and not allowing it to return unless the reasons which lead to the boycott vanish, in reference to America’s moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing the holy city as Israel’s undivided capital.

The world, he added, now recognizes that the safety and stability of the Middle East cannot be achieved without establishing a Palestinian state.

Source: Palestine Chronicle