EU Ambassadors Boycott US Independence Day Event in Jerusalem

The German and French ambassadors, along with other European Union (EU) ambassadors, boycotted a ceremony at the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israeli Ynet News revealed on Tuesday.

The ceremony was held on July 4 at the US Embassy in Jerusalem, in honor of American Independence Day.

The US Embassy invited ambassadors of the states that have embassies and representatives in Israel, including the EU ambassadors, according to Ynet News.

Ynet News said that the ambassadors who did not attend the ceremony chose not to because of the location of the US Embassy, which is in Jerusalem.

The specific countries, Ynet News reported, do not recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of the occupation State of Israel.

In addition to the German and French officials, the Israeli news website revealed that officials from Romania, UK, Kosovo, Australia, Norway, and Canada also did not attend.

It was an embarrassing diplomatic situation for the US because the US administration has turned a new page in the relationship with the EU after four years of tension during Trump’s administration.


Source: Palestine Chronicle