Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) in Palestine

RAMALLAH, The Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Allam Mousa and Leaders Director, Shadi Atshan both signed a memorandum of understanding on Monday 23rd of July 2018 at the Leaders Organization headquarters in Ramallah, to further demonstrate their commitment towards working in tandem on the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Open Government Data Initiative.

This initiative aims at enabling and further developing the Palestinian economy through enhancing the information technology sector and building the capacities and expertise of those who are in this field.

The initiative also aims at increasing and easing the public’s accessibility to government data by collaborating with public sector agencies involved in regulating and administering various aspects of the Palestinian economy.

The Telecom and IT ministerial delegation along with a delegation from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) were welcomed by the Leaders team and were also given a tour in Leaders’ mini-tech park, where startups are incubated and entrepreneurs receive mentorship and capacity building training.

Shadi Atshan delivered a welcoming speech and talked about Leaders interventions in innovation and entrepreneurship and its role in advancing the local economy and encouraging investments in Palestine.

He stressed on the importance of partnerships between the government bodies and the non-governmental organizations as it has a great potential in boosting the economy. This initiative will benefit the investment sector in Palestine, especially startup investments, as government data will be presented in one platform to ease the public’s access to it, especially entrepreneurs, and therefore maximize its usage to serve innovation.

Following that, Amjad Hamarsheh, CEO of Jobs.ps and Laila Akel, CEO and COO of RedCrow, who attended the event, shared their experiences as entrepreneurs and talked about the need for an easy facilitated access to government data to advance their work and results.

After listening to some Palestinian entrepreneurs’ experiences, the Minister of Telecom and IT, Allam Mousa, gave a speech on the role of the ministry and the government as a whole in supporting entrepreneurs and providing them with the timely government data they need, in order to build the Palestinian economy, which in result will create more job opportunities and decrease unemployment rates; We believe in entrepreneurs and their abilities to advance our economy. Innovation is born small, it grows day by day, then there is no s to where it may reach.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency