City University Students: Israeli Ambassador Demanded Armed Guards

Student societies at City University in London have welcomed the cancellation of Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev’s talk, a decision the students claim was made in relation to wholly unreasonable demands made upon the university by the police, including bringing armed guards on campus.

In a joint statement published by the City University Palestinian Society, the students referred to the cancellation as only a deferment, adding:

A presence the students described as standing directly against the principle of our university being spaces to challenge and organize in.

The signatories to the statement, including ten student societies and the City University BME Officer, urged full transparency from both the University and the Student Union, as to what exactly the [so-called security] requirements demanded of them were.

Meanwhile, the Board of Deputies of British Jews has echoed the complaints made by pro-Israel activists on campus, accusing the university of refusing to guarantee the safety of the ambassador and students on campus by implementing basic security measures.

Source: Palestine Chronicle