China urged to play an active political role in Mideast peace process

RAMALLAH� China was urged on Monday to play an active role in the Middle East peace process by finding a multilateral solution based on international law to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi made this appeal during a meeting at her Ramallah office with incoming head of China’s Representative Office, Guo Wei.

A press release on the meeting by Ashrawi’s office said the PLO official expressed her appreciation to China for its positive role and continued support for Palestinian rights, and in that context, she thanked China for voting in favor of the UN Security Council resolution that called for measures to guarantee the safety and protection of Palestinian civilians.

Both parties discussed issues of mutual cooperation and coordination, as well as the importance of the Chinese four-point Middle East peace proposal that was presented in 2017 and how it can form a complementarity with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ initiative. They also confirmed that China should play an active political role in finding a multilateral solution based on international law and a just peace, as well as enhancing its developmental efforts and bilateral cooperation, said the press release.

Ashrawi briefed her Chinese guest on the destructive ramifications of the irresponsible policies of the United States, including its recognition of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the relocation of its embassy, the undermining of Palestinian refugee rights and UNRWA funding, its refusal to recognize 1967 boundaries and the two-state solution, the dropping of the term ‘occupation’ from its political lexicon, attempts to legalize settlements even retroactively, and the recent veto of the UN Security Council resolution.

She warned against American attempts to place the consulate under the jurisdiction of the embassy: If implemented, the U.S. would be consenting to Israel’s annexation of the entire occupied West Bank (including East Jerusalem). Once again, the U.S. is subverting international law and consensus and providing cover for Israel’s violations and expansionism. Additionally, Israel’s moves to gain American recognition of its illegal annexation of the Golan Heights further undermine the security and stability of the whole region.

Ashrawi and her guest reviewed the deteriorating and critical conditions on the ground, including the rapid escalation and intensification of illegal settlement activities throughout the occupied West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Israel’s unlawful killings and use of excessive violence and live ammunition against unarmed Palestinian protestors in the besieged Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent attempt to withhold custom revenues transferred to the Palestinian government by Israel, and the implementation of unlawful and unjust laws, proposals and measures.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency