Bennett, Lapid Unite to Expel Netanyahu from Power

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister, might finally be on his way out. While Netanyahu was still hoping to drag the power struggle in Israel a bit longer, Naftali Bennett, the country’s ultra-nationalist power broker, and the leader of the Yamina party, could potentially oust Netanyahu from office.

The dramatic developments began on Sunday, when Bennett, a former settler leader, declared that he will support a coalition government along with secular centrist Yair Lapid, from the Yesh Atid party. 

“Lapid received the mandate to form a government earlier this month after Netanyahu first failed to do so following an inconclusive March election, the country’s fourth since 2019,” the newspaper added.

In his statement on Sunday, Bennet said, “It is my intention to act with all my power to establish a national unity government with my friend Yair Lapid so that we can save this country from this spiral and get it back on path. We can stop this insanity and take responsibility.”



Source: The Palestine Chronicle