Ban and disband the “Central Zakat Committee” in Jerusalem

Jerusalem – Together – Today, Tuesday, the occupation authorities banned the “Central Zakat Committee” in the city of Jerusalem, under the pretext of “supporting terrorism.”

The Central Court approved the request of the Register of Associations through the Enforcement and Control Unit of the Companies Authority of the Israeli Ministry of Justice to dissolve and ban the Central Zakat Committee in the city of Jerusalem.

The Israeli Ministry of Justice said in a statement that a request was submitted last October to the Central Court to issue an order to dissolve the Central Jerusalem Zakat Association under the pretext of carrying out “support for terrorism” activities. Today, the request was approved and the decision was issued to dissolve and ban the committee.

The statement said: “The ban came after an indictment was filed against the association and its founders, under the pretext that the association’s founders were Hamas activists, and during their work they distributed money to needy families, including the families of Hamas activists and the families of martyrs. The association was also accused of transferring funds to orphans who did not belong to the organization.” Hamas, with the aim of increasing popular support and sympathy for the organization, absorbing its ideas and recruiting additional activists into its ranks, as well as promoting Hamas’ goals, which harms the security of the state.”

Source: Maan News Agency