Atallah Hanna Calls on Muslims, Christians to Defend Jerusalem Together

Head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem Archbishop Atallah Hanna hailed on Tuesday the victory of Palestinians in the battle to defend Jerusalem and the holy sites, Rai al Youm reported.

“During a tour around and inside Al Aqsa Mosque we met champions who do not accept to surrender to the status quo,” he said.

“These heroes insist on facing off the Zionist project and the dark occupation policies which are targeting them – Muslims and Christians,” he added.

The archbishop stressed that these “heroes are defending the whole umma as they are standing up against the Israeli occupation, colonialism, oppression, and dictatorship.”

Hanna, who has been under much Israeli harassment and pressure due to his nationalism, said that the Jerusalemites have a message to the world that they are defending the heritage and history of the holy city.


Source: The Palestine Chronicle