Army says it will demolish home of Palestinian attacker

RAMALLAH, The Israeli army Monday informed the family of Mohammad Tareq Dar Yousef that its home in the Ramallah area village of Kobar is going to be demolished as a punishment for the act of their son, who killed an Israeli settler in the West Bank on July 26 before he was gunned down, according to local sources.

They said the army raided the village in the pre-dawn hours and posted the demolition order on Dar Yousef home while it handed the order to a neighbor.

The order says the family has two days to appeal it.

The family had abandoned its home after the attack incident in anticipation of the demolition, a collective punishment policy Israel always implements against relatives and town people of Palestinians involved in attacking Israelis but not Israelis involved in terror attacks against Palestinians.

The army had regularly raided Kobar since the incident, breaking into and ransacking homes, detaining residents, setting roadblocks and engaging area youths in cat and mouse chase.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency