Arctech Obtains the First IEC Certification for Its Innovative SkySmart II

SHANGHAI, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Arctech Solar, a leading tracking, racking and BIPV solutions provider, has recently obtained the IEC certification for its signature SkySmart II, making the 2P architecture the world’s first IEC certified tracker with a synchronous multi-point driving system. Granted by TÜV Rheinland Group, an accredited technical testing provider, the IEC 62817 certification is a testament to the reliability and high performance of the 2P tracker.

Launched in 2019, SkySmart II is a string-powered single-axis solar tracker designed to significantly increase stability under strong wind conditions. It supports up to four 1500V strings, requires only nine foundation posts per megawatt, and is compatible with the newest PV modules. The 2P tracker also allows for a modular configuration of several fix-fix and fix-free spans, enabling it to accommodate all panel dimensions and string sizes.

SkySmart II brings innovation in the driving system, upgrading the single-point drive to an innovative synchronous multi-point driving system for increased stability and reliability in all weather and terrain conditions. During high wind gusts, all slew drives are fixed points, which provide more stiffness and enlarge the natural frequency at a system level.

It takes full advantage of the artificial intelligence tracking algorithm independently developed by Arctech, ensuring a reliable operation of trackers across a wide range of weather and terrain conditions and increasing the energy yield of solar PV power plants by up to 7%.

IEC 62817 is a design qualification standard for solar trackers and defines different test procedures for both key components and the complete solar tracking system. SkySmart II has gone through stringent tests in the advanced large-scale simulation test lab, including the functional validation test, the UV test, the deflection under static load test, among others, and obtained more than 20 reliable IEC assessments. Achieving IEC 62817 certification allows Arctech to affirm to the solar market that their tracker design meets the international standards in terms of tracking accuracy, reliability and durability.

“The IEC certification for SkySmart II represents the industry’s recognition of Arctech’s reliable tracking systems, and demonstrates our deep R&D bench. Looking into the future, we will continuously bring new innovative products to the market, and keep focused on reliably increasing the energy yield of PV power plants while maximizing investment returns,” said Bruce Wang, CTO of Arctech Solar.

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