Archbishop Hanna: ‘We Declare our Rejection of the Deal of the Century’

Palestinian Archbishop Sebastia Atallah Hanna has declared that Palestinians do not accept any a deal at the expense of their national cause, and that they will foil every conspiracy which aims to erase it.

Hanna said, during a meeting with a media Brasilia delegation, on Tuesday, that the city of Jerusalem has its place and sanctity in the three monotheistic religions.

He stressed, according to Al Ray, that Palestinians are treated as strangers in the city, saying that Israel has attacked its sanctity and the Palestinian presence.

He expressed Palestinian rejection of U.S. President Trump’s declaration regarding Jerusalem, and that no political body has the right to make Palestinians as guests in their city:

He noted that Palestinian Christians are an inseparable part of Palestinian people, stressing that the Palestinian cause unites Palestinians who are in agreement on Jerusalem as their capital.

Source: Palestine Chronicle