Arab League warns against dangerous repercussions of Israel’s barbaric war

CAIRO: The Arab League warned today of the dangerous repercussions of the barbaric war led by Israel.

In a statement on the occasion of the Arab Water Day, it renewed its call for an immediate halt to this attack to allow humanitarian relief workers to provide drinking water, and to implement urgent interventions in the areas of sanitation, which would alleviate the dangerous humanitarian conditions suffered by refugees and displaced persons in various areas of the Gaza Strip.

This day comes in dangerous circumstances that the Arab region is going through as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and the consequences of the deliberate Israeli targeting of the water and sanitation sector, with the aim of starving the residents of Gaza and spreading epidemics among them, as well as the deliberate pollution of water sources to make the land unfit for life, according to the statement.

It noted that the occupation is aware of the close connection between preserving water and preserving li
fe, affirming that the occupation seeks in every way to use water deprivation as a weapon in Gaza and in the rest of the occupied territories.

The statement said the occupation is implementing a long-term plan to plunder surface and groundwater resources and use them as a means of blackmail against the Palestinians.

The Arab League said that these actions constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity in accordance with international law and humanitarian norms, adding that the deliberate destruction of infrastructure in Gaza has affected most of the facilities and infrastructure.

It revealed that the percentage of potable water available today to the population does not exceed more than 15 percent of what it was before the aggression, which is considered a death sentence for hundreds of thousands.

The Arab League praised the efforts made by the teams of the Palestinian Water Authority working in the Gaza Strip, which did not stop providing their services to citizens despite the continued bombing and ag
gressive actions, and called on all international actors and international institutions to put pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop these crimes immediately.

It also called for the necessity of urgent action to mobilize the necessary support to secure humanitarian requirements and basic water-related services for citizens in the Strip.

The Arab League warned of the growing challenges facing the region in the field of water, as the Arab countries suffer from severe water shortages and increasing pressure on non-renewable water resources, which has made the Arab per capita share of freshwater decline in an alarming manner over the past decades.

Source: Palestine News and Information Agency – WAFA