CAIRO, The Arab League has condemned the Israeli parliament’s (the Knesset) adoption of the “Jewish Nation-State” law.

Such a racist law and all legislations imposed by the Israeli authorities are worthless, unacceptable, and illegitimate, League said in a statement.

Approving the law is an addition to Israel’s denial of the rights of Palestinian people to live in their “historic” land, and also an extension of Israelis’ occupation abuses and racist actions, it added.

The Jewish Nation-State law states Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people, Hebrew is the country’s official language, and that Jewish settlement development is a national value to the country and will act to encourage and promote its establishment and consolidation, said the statement.

The law is a new Israeli step to annex the West Bank and give license to apartheid, discrimination, ethnic cleansing, and sectarianism at the expense of the Palestinian people, it noted.

The international community should bear its responsibilities in pressuring Israel through lifting its immunity, forcing it to implement the international legitimacy resolutions, and holding it accountable for its continued systematic violations of international laws, the League stressed.

The right-wing Israeli government has unveiled, through the Nation-State law, its real racist face and sheer irresponsibility towards all humanitarian and democratic standards, laws and values, it said.

Israel’s parliament on Thursday adopted a law defining the country as the nation state of the Jewish people,

provoking fears it will lead to blatant discrimination against Arab citizens.

The legislation, adopted by 62 votes to 55, makes Hebrew the country’s national language and defines the establishment of Jewish communities as being in the national interest.

The Arabic language was granted only special status.

The law speaks of Israel as being the Jewish historical homeland and says Jews have the right to self-determination there.

However, a deeply controversial clause that had been seen as more specifically legalising the establishment of Jewish-only communities was changed after it drew criticism, including from Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

The legislation becomes part of the country’s basic laws, which serve as a de facto constitution.

It is a decisive moment in the history of the state of Israel that inscribes in stone our language, our anthem and our flag, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after the vote on the legislation, backed by

his right-wing government.

A range of opposition members denounced the vote, with the head of the mainly Arab Joint List alliance Ayman Odeh denouncing it as the death of our democracy.

Arab citizens account for some 17.5 percent of Israel’s more than eight million population.

Source: Nam News Network