Arab Americans oppose appointment of John Bolton as US national security advisor

WASHINGTON, Arab Americans opposed on Friday the appointment of John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations, as the next US national security advisor to President Donald Trump.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) expressed in a statement its opposition, in the strongest possible terms, to the forthcoming appointment of Bolton as head of the National Security Council (NSC).

It said Bolton’s prejudice against Arabs and Muslims, contempt for international law and institutions, and gung-ho cowboy militarism makes him an exceptionally dangerous candidate to be National Security Advisor.

ADC said Bolton is notorious for his strong support for the war on Iraq and is one of the key purveyors of outrageous falsehoods against Arabs and Muslims.

It said Bolton is chair of the Gatestone Institute, which specializes in portraying Arab and Muslim immigrants and refugees to Europe and the US as would-be terrorists and harbingers of highly infectious diseases.

If Bolton’s chairmanship of Gatestone is any indication, we can expect a Bolton-headed NSC to foreground ideological zealotry and misinformation in advising the President, said ADC, urging the US Congress to rein in the inevitable excesses, potentially catastrophic, of Bolton’s policies.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency